Supporting Your Carers

through Covid 19

Emotional resilience and support for the carers in your workforce,

through the pandemic and beyond

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Every day in the UK, hundreds of carers leave the workforce, unable to juggle their job with their role as family carer.

This is a huge impact on the carer, but also on the economy, and directly on your workforce.

Clearly the pressure on carers, right now, is unprecedented.

Many are now full time caring for their loved-one, with no respite or outside support. With many still working as well.

You cannot underestimate the physical and mental exhaustion this will have.

Support your carers to manage their own mental health at this time, and support their ability to return to work when ‘normality’ returns.

But. Also use this opportunity, to admire and realise how resilient your carers are. And more than that – how flexible your employment terms can actually be.

“Lockdown has proven we can be more flexible, adaptable, compassionate and inclusive, in our working practises, than we ever imagined”

Carer Support

Online Emotional Resilience Courses

“I have recently taken part in this course and I got so much from it and had some amazing Aha moments every day. Claire is a wonderful lady and keeps you engaged and encouraged throughout. Her positivity and guidance really does keep you motivated. Wonderful and highly recommended to anyone who wants a happier existence” 👏👍

5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Online Emotional Resilience Courses

90 Minute Mindset Shift

A 90 minute live training session, run by myself, Claire Cook. Carer and NLP Practitioner.

Focussing on awareness and creation of a beneficial emotional state for your carers. Creating momentum for change, focus and positive intentions.

During these 90 minutes your carers will learn 4 techniques, which they can simply introduce into their lives, to effect a noticeable shift in how they feel and experience each day.

Your carers will learn sound emotional resilience skills, supporting them to turn up every day with focus, optimism and momentum.

During Covid 19, this course is offered to all employees, not just carers, to support this prolonged period of isolation.

“I wasn’t sure about taking part but so glad I did. Claire has an engaging, understanding style. I have been doing the exercises and they help. Especially in lockdown ! Claire is nonjudgmental and has a calm aura which makes it easier to open up.”

4 Week Wellbeing Course

4 x one hour live sessions on wellbeing and mindset. Delivered over zoom.

This is my flagship course, and a springboard for better living.

 “I just wanted to say how much I got out of the group today.  Just being part of that chat has made me feel like today is a day I can do well.”

Bespoke Courses

MY NLP techniques can be tailored to support your individual needs. Please get in touch for a chat.

1:1 Support for Carers

Claire is nonjudgmental and has a calm aura which makes it easier to open up

1:1 Support for Carers

If you have a specific carer, who would benefit from 1:1 support right now, I occasionally have a few 1:1 spaces available.

I offer a free 15 minute phone or video call, with your carer, to have a chat, and allow them to decide if they would like to work with me.

Avoiding crisis point, is so incredibly important, so if 1:1 support is needed, please do get in touch.

3 week package (3 x 1 hour video calls): £ 270

(funds 1 free 1:1 session for an unpaid carer)

6 week package ( 6 x 1 hour video calls): £540

(Funds 2 x 1:1 sessions for an unpaid carer)

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