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Using techniques founded in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), to give you, your most beneficial mind programming.

“Your mind literally beliefs what you tell it. Fill it with love and gratitude and watch your reality shift”

Claire Cook

As a parent carer to my disabled daughter, I had found myself in a place where I felt powerless, reacting to the things life threw at me.

I became socially isolated, and sunk every morning when I woke up and the day ahead loomed.

I loved my daughter deeply, but I had lost myself somewhere over the previous decade.

I had very negative reactions to many triggers every day. My self-care was completely missing and I was a shadow of my former self.

If any of this resonates, please know that you are not on your own.

3 out of 5 people will be a carer at some point in their lives. Whether that’s carer to a child, a parent, a spouse or a sibling. You will experience a wave of emotions, but know that becoming a carer, does not have to mean the end of you, your dreams, your hopes, your aspirations.

In fact, by taking some time for yourself, you can live both your own best life AND be the best carer, your loved one deserves.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. The quality of care you can give, will be a direct reflection of how well you care for yourself.

Need some support?

Online Emotional Resilience Courses

“I have recently taken part in this course and I got so much from it and had some amazing Aha moments every day. Claire is a wonderful lady and keeps you engaged and encouraged throughout. Her positivity and guidance really does keep you motivated. Wonderful and highly recommended to anyone who wants a happier existence” 👏👍

5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Online Emotional Resilience Courses

The techniques in these course were nothing short of life changing for me.

From disempowered, exhausted and very low. I now feel optimistic, hopeful, content and loved.

I have built this 5 day course around the NLP techniques, which have changed my life, and led me to becoming a fully qualified NLP Practitioner.

Using techniques founded in NLP, to effect a shift in how you feel about and experience the world around you.

We can’t change what is going on a round us, BUT we can change how we feel about it, what we notice and how we respond. I’m speaking as a carer, who has been through this and come out the other side.

The course has been created by myself, Claire Cook. As a carer to my disabled daughter, this course is built around the most powerful techniques I have found, to effect a valuable and life enhancing shift in mindset.

You will feel a shift from feeling powerless and overwhelmed, to having a sense of gratitude, hope, control and power over your life.

“I wasn’t sure about taking part but so glad I did. Claire has an engaging, understanding style. I have been doing the exercises and they help. Especially in lockdown ! Claire is nonjudgmental and has a calm aura which makes it easier to open up.”

Course Structure

The Course is run over video, email and Zoom for an interactive, engaging experience. With an online community group, where the heart of the course takes place. Bringing you together with other carers in a supportive hub, breaking down isolation and gently supporting each other.

The course is made up of c. 1.5 – 2 hours of formal time each day, and 30 minutes of reflective work and exercises.

I am present in the hub each morning, with a live and engaging online tutorial, lasting around 30 mins. I check into the community throughout the day, to answer questions and shape learnings. I then host a daily afternoon Zoom call for full reflection, a chat and the building of your carer community. Grab a cuppa and get social.

All tutorials and Zoom calls are recorded and emailed to participants, for catch-up and future reference.

Self funded places on this course are £49.

The course needs a minimum of 15 people to run.

Bespoke Event for Social Care; from £29.87 per person

based on minimum booking of 30 people

Next course runs in July

During Lockdown, this course has been adapted to run over 4 Saturdays (to fit around carers’ extenuating circumstances, such as homeschooling, working etc). Get in touch for more details.

1:1 Support for Carers

Claire is nonjudgmental and has a calm aura which makes it easier to open up

1:1 Support for Carers

If you think you would benefit from 1:1 support right now, then I have a few 1:1 spaces available.

I offer a free 15 minute phone or video call, with you, to have a chat, so you can decide if they would like to work with me.

Avoiding crisis point, is so incredibly important, so if 1:1 support is needed, please do get in touch.

Social Care funded packages are:

3 week package (3 x 1 hour video calls): £ 189

6 week package ( 6 x 1 hour video calls): £315

Self funded packages are:

3 week package (3 x 1 hour video calls): £ 135

6 week package ( 6 x 1 hour video calls): £225

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