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The April Positivity Challenge is now closed.

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Struggling with positivity through these strange times?

Home-schooling, parent carer, family carer, key worker?

Let’s take control of what we can – our own mental health

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Creating mental health resilience and positivity for parents, carers, key workers and beyond. 

Originally created especially for Parent Carers, to support positive mental health through this period of uncertainty. Now available to EVERYONE x

Focus on what you CAN control, and create positive experiences for yourselves and your loved ones.

Live your Best Life

Next Challenge Date to be Announced

Hi There!

My name is Claire Cook. I’m a parent, carer and NLP practitioner. Like many of us, I now find myself home-schooling in a strange and worrying world of self isolation. I’m also caring for my daughter with special needs and run an online support community for parent carers

I originally developed this challenge to support the army of unsung heroes comprising of family carers, who are facing an unprecedented responsibility to support their loved ones with no respite or outside support. However, I have now opened the challenge up to anyone who needs help to sustain their positivity and mental health during this time. Carers, Parents, Key Workers, and  anyone in need of support right now, is welcome to join. The content is valuable to us all.

Our mental health is being tested, and it’s critical we know how to look after ourselves. This is most definitely a marathon, not a sprint.

How we react during these strange times, will form the ‘picture’, memories and experience of both ourselves, our children and our loved ones.

We must learn to focus on what we can control and support our minds to find the beauty and positivity around us.

Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you in the challenge!

Claire x

What people are saying

“I have recently taken part in this challenge and I got so much from it and had some amazing Aha moments every day. Claire is a wonderful lady and keeps you engaged and encouraged throughout. Her positivety and guidance really does keep you motivated. Wonderful and highly recommended to anyone who wants a happier existence” 👏👍
5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟”

“Claire is one of the most amazing women I have ever met!! Her own story and journey through life, is truly inspirational, moving and can benefit so many who live similar lives, making them not feel so alone!

“I wasn’t sure about taking part but so glad I did. Claire has an engaging understanding style. I have been doing the exercises and they help. Especially in lockdown ! Claire is nonjudgmental and has a calm aura which makes it easier to open up.”

“I’m a little bit cynical with things like this. But having known and loved Claire for over 20 years, I trusted her and therefore the process, and I’m so grateful I did.
I personally didn’t even realize how little I spoke positively to myself.
Now I’ve started the day acknowledging the great things about me and the great things around me. I’m enjoying this new state of mind.
I would recommend this to friends who just need a reminder of how great they are—and also to people who are really struggling to get through the day.
Do something good for yourself —and check out Holding The Space.”

Helpful Reading

Originally written for parent carers, but receiving huge positivity from all parents, trying to support themselves and their children at this unprecedented time.
In fact, the 4 point plan to support your mental health, is applicable to anyone!
Well worth a read, before the challenge starts.

At the end of the Challenge

I have 3 spaces available for free

1:1 NLP Coaching with me, to give away

Free 1:1 Support Available

At the end of the challenge, there will be the opportunity, for 3 individuals to win free 1:1 NLP coaching with me.

Members of the challenge will also be on a priority list, if they wish to work with me 1:1.

I look forward to meeting you!

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A huge thank you Claire Cook – always positive and little nuggets of advice/support

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