Professional Women’s Carers’ Club

A Safe place to hang out,

get support and thrive

For Professional women, who

also have an unpaid caring role

A brand new community of support for Women like us

“Women can expect to take on caring responsibilities for an older, sick or disabled relative more than a decade earlier than men, a report concludes. And Half of women will be carers by the age of 46”

“Our research shows women are disproportionately affected, facing difficult decisions about their loved ones’ health, family finances and how best to combine paid work, and care more than a decade earlier than men.”

full article can be found here

Set up as part of my pledge to support #2020actions.

2,020 actions in 2020 to support gender equality.

Supporting the emotional resilience, confidence and wellbeing of women managing (or returning) to careers, whilst being an unpaid carer.


Connect with other professional women, who are also carers. Find your tribe for informal support, new friendships and advice.

All within a private LinkedIn group.


Build momentum for personal success through the creation of stronger emotional resilience, new beneficial habits, greater awareness, growing your confidence, identifying your personal goals, and building your support network.

Facilitated by Claire Cook, carer and NLP practitioner. With weekly awareness and training soundbites, within this free, safe community.


Become a voice for Professional women, who care.

Shape and inform the support we need, which will inform businesses and government of what is needed.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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